Bitcoin Clean Energy Initiative

Statement of Values

Promote and Invest in Clean Energy Powered Bitcoin Mining

Primary energy sources are from renewables such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and methane flare mitigation mining.

Protect Bitcoin’s Fungibility

We aim to preserve and protect the long-term fungibility of bitcoin. Clean coin and clean mining pool models in our view are antithetical to a singular, global decentralized digital currency.

Increase the Geodiversity of Renewable Hashrate

By supporting bitcoin mining distributed throughout the world, we will help ensure a secure and highly decentralized global monetary system.

Support Financial Inclusion Outcomes

Bitcoin holds the promise of global financial inclusion and positive social impact outcomes. We aim to support projects that help deliver economic empowerment throughout the world inclusive of energy-poor and underserved communities.

Reinforce Open-source Transparency

We intend to help pave the way through open sourcing our learnings, financial models, and methodologies whenever possible.

Protect Proof of Work

Proof of Work provides a fair, robust, and secure network with trustless verification of transactions on the blockchain. Let’s help protect the protocol.

Advocate for Censorship-Free Mining

We advocate for working with mining pools that utilize open and free transaction verification models. We support Stratum V2 which improves mining decentralization by allowing miners to participate in transaction selection.

Follow our ESG Framework

For mining operations with a grid connection, which typically includes some mix of more carbon intensive power sources, we recommend leveraging high quality Energy Attribute Certificates.